Exploring Frankfurt Pt. 2

After my dad arrived on Friday, we headed back downtown for another day of exploring. This time we headed down to the water.

On our way we walked along Berger Str. again. All of the restaurants and the mouth watering smells in the air, coupled with local stores, compels me to walk down this street each time I head into town. We stopped at a bakery for some pastries and coffee.

After our little stop, we continued down Berger Str. and I discovered a “Mexican” restaurant (that had burritos as it’s main choice) and a collective book shelf (leave a book and pick a book – there are a few around the city!)

Almost at the end of Berger Str. there is a garden on the right (if you’re heading into town) called Bethmannpark. Inside this park there is a Chinese garden, an area to play chess (both large and small on a table), a lawn to relax on and beautiful flowers.

After exploring the park we walked into town. For the last few days my mom and I had been down, there were not a lot of people; however, it seemed as though the entire world was out on Zeil that day! So we took my dad to show him the gym I joined and then we headed down towards the water (turning left after Esprit onto Liebfrauenstraße). As we walked down we saw some beautiful older buildings and then we were in Paulsplatz and beyond that Römerberg.

After our walk through Römerberg, we walked down to the river Main and over the Eiserner Steg (foot bridge) to a lovely barge on the other side for a refreshing apple juice and mineral water (my new favourite combination). We then walked back home, but stopped to treat ourselves to ice-cream.


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