A New Adventure

On August 10th I set out with my mom for Frankfurt, Germany. Almost a week later, my parents have left, the house is quiet and I can now let you all in on what I have been up to this last week.

My mom and I arrived on Tuesday, tired after only sleeping a few short hours on the plane. After arriving and being shown around and told all about my new apartment by the agent, my mom and I sat in a heap to just gather ourselves. After changing (SUPER hot in Frankfurt this last week!), we set off to check what was just around the my apartment. We found a cute little cafe called Mokkateeria and had a refreshing mint, apple juice, and lime cordial drink with a sandwich. After feeling a little more energized we walked back to my apartment, but stopped at the REWE (pronounced ree-va) for some groceries.

That night we had a yummy salad with chicken on my balcony. The weather was so hot, it was terrible to sit inside.

The following day we took a walk into town. It is about a 30min walk from my apartment to the main shopping platz on Zeil. We walked around, looking into Rossman (similar to Pharmaprix/Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada), H&M (because they had air-conditioning), and O2 (a cell phone/internet company). I was also in search of finding a gym, so I stopped at McFit (after walking up 5 flights of stairs, being told the gym has no air-conditioning, and is often very busy I decided not to join). In MyZeil (the big shopping mall on Zeil) there are a lot of stores; however, I found it quiet American in the type of stores and feel. We stopped for a coffee at a Spanish restaurant on level 4 that faces another gym called Fitness First (this is the gym I eventually joined – they have a pool!). We visited this gym and were shown around. They have a pool, a very nice locker room with showers and relaxation areas, offer 2x annual check-ups with a trainer who gives you a plan, and much more! I was sold, but had to check my finances because there was a sign up fee and a 1x a year fee for the check-up and plan with the trainer (plus the monthly fee). While in the mall we asked at O2 about phone plans. If you have a bank account it is much cheaper and easier to sign up for plans and pay as you go. For example, I could pay 30Euro for a pay as you go with a bank account, or almost 70Euro if I pay cash… GASP! So different from Mexico and even Canada (I used Koodo this past summer was great).

On Thursday, the hottest day by far, mom and I headed to Ikea in hopes they would have air-conditioning and to furnish my room 🙂 I have rented a fully furnished apartment; however, I found upon arrival and inspection there was not enough storage space for all my things! So I bought new sheets, pillows, a shoe cupboard, dresser, and some other things for the kitchen and bathroom. We walked around and then sat and had lunch. After lunch we headed downstairs to fill my cart with all sorts of things. Then we went back to the cafeteria to have a coffee (can you tell we didn’t want to face the heat!), and finally went to get the bigger items and pay. I tried to order an Uber, but without a phone number I watched the little Uber car drive around and around, never getting to us at the front door! So after a while my mom went inside to ask at the kids play area if she could use a phone to call a taxi. Just an FYI, ask for a van if you have lots of things (thankfully my mom was smart enough to do so). When we got home, we unpacked all our things and began putting stuff together/organizing.

In the next post I will tell you all about exploring Frankfurt when my dad arrived, the boat cruise, finding parks and my school, and eating a German favourite!

Stay tuned!


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