A Weekend Exploring the Sierra Gorda

There were a few places I had to check off my list before leaving Mexico and one of them that was accessible and inexpensive was the Sierra Gorda. Part of the Sierra Gorda is in the state of Queretaro, and although it takes some time to drive through it and visit places, it is well worth the drive. If you are have motion sickness I highly suggest taking medication as it is mostly high steep mountains and deep canyons!

There are two major conservation areas in the Sierra Gorda, one in Queretaro and one in Guanajuato. It was interesting to see the different landscapes, from dry dessert at the beginning of the trip, to foggy in the middle, and wet, rainy, and humid near Xilitla (because it was only a weekend, that is as far as I could get in such a short time).

Below are several pictures of the weekend 🙂


One Reply to “A Weekend Exploring the Sierra Gorda”

  1. Loved these photos,Hannah! (The 2 of butterflies were unusual?) Thinking of you and Sal especially today and each day until your Mom and Dad return home.I hope you will keep reporting,as much as you are able,from Frankfurt.I am travelling along with you!
    Love and hugs to you both!
    Edith xox xox

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