Puerto Escondido

After Christmas there seems to be a lot more holidays and long weekends. After Semana Santa you have only a short few weeks and then another long weekend. Myself and a friend decided we wanted to go to the beach, somewhere inexpensive and relaxing. We didn’t want to go back to Puerta Vallarta, so we went to the VivaAerobus website and looked up several beach destinations. We chose Puerto Escondido. Cheap flight and we found a great hostel (no air) 1 street away from the beach.

We had a wonderful time, ate AMAZING food, and met some wonderful people.

One of the main reasons we chose this destination was because it has not been hit yet with the all-inclusives that are happening further up in Cancun area. Puerto Escondido is still a hipster, surfer town that attracts surfers all year round.

We stayed in a friendly, inviting hostel called Osa Mariposa, which is located a 2 minute walk from a big beach.

When you arrive at the airport do not do what most people do and take a taxi at the entrance. Walk out the door and down to your right to the main street. There you can take a cheaper taxi. We paid about 210pesos from the airport to our hostel (doesn’t seem like much if you have dollars), but on the street you can pay between 60-100pesos (this might go up depending on how close, but email Osa Mariposa and ask advice on this subject).

Our first day we just walked around exploring the beach right down the street from Osa Mariposa. When you walk down to the beach if you turn right on the beach you walk towards the center of town. It is only a 15min walk. If you go left you walk towards an area a lot of surfers hangout in the corner (La Punta). Over those cliffs is where someone releases turtles. Be sure to ask at Osa Mariposa (if you stay there) or someone else where you can see this happening. We were unable to do so, but it would have been wonderful!

Over the next few days we explored several beaches, and although the tides were higher then usual (more then 50 years haha!) we were able to sit on the beach, eat at the restaurants and enjoy the weather. Our favorite restaurant was Maui. The BEST fish and shrimp tacos I have ever eaten in my life. We ate there twice in 5 days! To get there from Osa Mariposa you have two options. You can either walk along the beach or along the main road.

Beach: head down to the beach and walk to your left (towards La Punta). When you get to the Cabañas Buena Onda (on Heroes Oaxaqueños street) go up the street. At the first cross road take a left (there is a convenience store on the right). Don’t even try Google maps walking because the last time they did it was 2013 and it HAS CHANGED a lot! Go down that street and Maui is on your left.

Street: when you walk out of Osa Mariposa walk left. When you’re looking at Hostel One Love (nice place too, would love to chill in the hammocks on their roof!) go left again. When you hit the top of that hill and can only turn left or right, turn right. Just keep walking and Maui will be on your right.

There are lots of other little restaurants in and around La Punta, but that was our favorite!

Some of the beaches we visited were just amazing. Not very many people and at every one of them were restaurants we could buy food and drinks and VERY reasonable prices from. Below are some of the spots we relaxed at.

Instead of sitting at one of the other many beaches in Puerto Escondido, we decided to head to Mazunte, a 1hr drive in a collectivo (from the highway near Mariposa). To catch this collectivo you head left up the hill from One Love Hostel and turn left (instead of right to Maui). There is a convenience store on your right. The collectivo stops right outside. You can either get the big bus (no comfortable) or the white mini bus (super comfy!) for the same price. Just make sure to say where you are going. YOu will be dropped off at an Oxxo. You then take a cab down into Mazunte. You can also wait for a collectivo (if you have time I recommend this option – much cheaper!) Unfortunately there was a HUGE swell the night before and we were unable to spend the day on the beach, but we walked around the quiet town and had delicious breakfast 🙂 We even bought some little things for ourselves and gifts.

That same afternoon we decided to hangout at the pool at the hotel just up the street from Osa Mariposa (the main one you go down toward One Love). We paid about 25pesos each and were able to sit and enjoy the pool for the afternoon. We didn’t see it as first, but we even had a friend join us!

 It was such a relaxing, albeit hot, weekend. I can’t wait to go and explore this area more. If I was a surfer this would be paradise. The main beach, Playa Zicatela, the surf break is known as the Mexican Pipeline. People from all over the world come here to surf (lots of Americans and Australians).If the swell hadn’t of happened we would have gone out to see the dolphins and turtles and fished (we could have swum with them too!) for an inexpensive price. If you stay at Osa Mariposa ask about it 🙂 There is a lot to do even if you’re not a surfer, and because it isn’t a popular tourist destination (yet) things are a lot cheaper. Click here to read about more you can do as a non-surfer in Puerto Escondido.


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