I have emerged from Mexico and feel very sorry for the lack of communication and blogging I have done this last year!

With all good intentions, I wanted to blog often; however, life got busy and this fell to the side. So here is an update before I flood this blog with all I have done this year!

A little snippet of what's to come!

A little snippet of what’s to come!

After moving to Mexico at the end of July 2014, I worked at the John F. Kennedy American International School for a few months before realizing I would need to change schools. Having accumulated a large amount of student loans, and the U.S. dollar to Peso exchange rate forever climbing I couldn’t afford to stay for long in Mexico. In January 2016, I headed back to TORF at Queen’s University to find a job that would both support me and my student loans. I decided on Germany (Bahrain was a close second).

So here I am back in Montreal for the summer (although with this weather I am not sure there has been a summer), waiting for a new adventure to begin in August. In mid-August I will be heading to Frankfurt, Germany to teach at PHORMS. I have been assigned grade 3 and will be teaching English, Mathematics, and Social Studies to two classes in English. To clarify this for people, they spend their day 50/50 in English and German – or so I have been led to believe. I will clarify this when I am in the trenches.

For now this is my update; however, stayed tuned because within the next few days I will be posting all of my holidays, adventures, and life of living in QRO 🙂


One thought on “Apology

  1. Dearest Hannah

    No need to apologize my dear. But those of us who now travel only to places in Canada will look forward to every post you have time to send.

    See you and your Mom on Aug.7! J

    Edith xox

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