Dinner in Tequisquiapan

On Friday afternoon, a guy I have been seeing suggested we head to Tequisquiapan for dinner and a walk around the small downtown. At first I thought he was kidding because its about 45min drive (depending how you drive) toward Mexico City from Queretaro. He wasn’t kidding and I happily agreed.

The lovely mountains

We stopped at Oxxo and got some water and chips and off we went on a beautiful evening drive. Something I love about living here are the mountain backdrops wherever you go.


After about 40min we reached the city and it is not like Queretaro or San Miguel. It is surrounded by many farms and lakes – much of what the local people do revolves around selling meat and corn. Meat is the major business in this area, along with cheese and wine routes not far from the centro. When you are in the centro you can see a big map of the surrounding area that shows you the many, many wine and cheese areas all within 10-15min.

As we arrived in the city I noticed it was considerably smaller than Queretaro or San Miguel, but it still has that same architecture and feel like the others. The church as the same colours and style and it was beautiful to walk around in the early evening with no tourists or lots of people milling about. I would love to go back in the day to explore the artisan markets there, but it was nice to just walk around and stop in a few shops to take a look around.

Little courtyard
Little courtyard

We walked around the centro for a bit and then we found a cute coffee shop that even sold matcha tea! Unfortunately, they were out of it, but I learned something very important. If you want an americano (espresso with hot water) you need to say americano europea. I have been saying americano for the longest time here and I just kept getting a regular coffee. FYI if you ever find yourself in Mexico. We also tried an infused tea, just fruit and hot water. It tasted like a fruity drink I had at David’s Tea this summer, it made me miss home a bit – but now I know what to get when I visit at Christmas!

Infused Tea
Infused Tea

After our tea and long conversations (and many mosquito bites later), we headed back to the car and drove a short distance to a very yummy restaurant that my friend went to several times when he was a kid with his family. I let him order because clearly he knows what is good. They brought us many side dishes to add to our tacos (avocado, salsa verde, 1 mild salsa and 1 hot, onions and cilantro, pineapple, and cucumber). I ordered a jicama water and I’m still not sure what he got but it had rice in it.

After dinner we headed back to Queretaro at which point we were both happily full and ready to sleep. Nothing better than sleeping on a full stomach of deliciousness!!

Until next time!


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