Mercado La Cruz

Sorry I haven’t written for a while. With starting school, being sick and exploring I barely have time! I figure my first blog back should be about groceries and why I love going to the market.


Mercado La Cruz is located in the centro (downtown) and is open 7 days a week. Times vary, but generally it’s open earlier in the morning (+ or –  8am) and closes around 5/6pm. On Sunday the parking lot becomes an extension of the market that includes “DVDs” and “name brand clothing, perfume, shoes, etc.”. Sunday is my favourite day to go, there are more people but it just makes it more exciting 🙂 It is somewhat of a maze so when I am talking about it I am talking as though I am standing in the parking lot facing it.


I begin the morning with some tacos for breakfast. This is a good time to clarify times to eat here. Breakfast is around 11, 2:30 is lunch and much later is dinner (between 7pm-9pm). So around 11am I go to a taco place that has amazing tacos!


After I have had my fill I take a walk through the market in the parking lot. I have bought a nice cross body bag and boots so far. Today my mission is to find either a hat or some accessories.


After my meanderings I visit the lovely, generous ladies at one of the fruit stands. The one I like is on the right about the 2nd row from the right side of the building quiet far in. It is a massive stand and you cannot miss the fruit and vegetables piled high and the ladies at the top shouting out peoples orders as their coworkers (varying from about 10 years old to 40+) scurry around the bottom gathering your order. Often if you ask what something is they will cut it open and let you try it, most times they do this regardless because they want you to buy more 🙂 Let me tell you, this is a good sales trick because I often leave with more than I wanted haha!


Next it is on to the meat stand. Right after the fruit stand you take a left and head for the meat place on the corner. It is all very fresh so a tip is either cook it all that day or freeze what you need later in the week. It will go bad in a few days.


Typically I end my shopping adventure here weighed down by amazing fresh and cheap food. I would suggest getting an “old lady” shopping cart so you don’t have to carry around all that deliciousness on your back. The best part of all this is I usually get meat for the week (enough for two people so I have dinner and lunch) and a lot of fruit and veg and it usually costs between $500-$600pesos (less than C$60)!

Oh and don’t forget to try Gericaya, you will find it on the far right side of the market near the closed restaurant stands (that will be another posts!).


Hope that satisfies all of your tastebuds for the moment. I am going to get ready and head down there now – have a lovely day!


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