What To Expect From ResLife While @ Teachers College

Jean Royce Hall – Queen’s University Residence

Back View of Jean Royce Hall – Phase 2

“So you’re in teachers college and living in residence”

This time last year I began packing my boxes and bags to prepare my transition to teachers college and res’ life. For the first year at UWindsor I lived in residence; however, this experience would not compare to my time in res’ at Queen’s U. This is an unbiased and purely informative post, everyone experiences res’ life differently so I will leave the experience in your own hands and give you the best facts I can.

When you arrive, you need to go get your keys (for the room, building and mailbox). Once you have these, my suggestion is see the layout of your room. When we all arrived the beds were on the hallway wall, closest to the door. This proved to be a problem for many people because res’ echoes and you will hear many things, often amplified, so move your bed to the wall away from the door, nearest the window (image below of what I did). You do not need to move your furniture back to where you found it at the beginning.

Due to the above-mentioned noise factor of res’ a few items you may want to include in your packing is noise cancelling headphones, earplugs, and a fan to cancel out any noise. A fan is a fabulous, necessary item in res’. Mine was on from Sept 1 (move in) to the day I moved out. Res’ get’s hot! I even had my windows open in the dead of winter!

There is a common area and a fully equipped kitchen (fridge, stove, microwave, sink, drying rack). In the cupboard there should be a vacuum and mop. My floor went the entire year without a mop, only to discover this was something we should have had. Get to know and be kind to the maintenance staff. They will be more than helpful if you say “hi” when you see them and clean up after yourself. Maintenance staff is there to clean floors, the bathrooms, the kitchen, and restock toilet paper, etc. They are not there to clean up after your cooking, drinking, or other activities. Be kind J

There is no paper towels for the bathrooms, bring a cheap hand towel to leave in the bathroom (or as a floor pitch in a buy a few at the $ store). A res’ mate of mine often left a dishtowel in the kitchen and when I did laundry I would throw it in with my wash to keep it clean.

Common Room

Common Kitchen

Common Kitchen

Items to bring:

– A mini fridge (I got one with a little freezer because the kitchen freezer always overflows!)

– Cooking utensils (if you plan to cook)

– Dishes, utensils, etc.

You know what you use most often, so pack what you need. The beds are wonderfully high off the ground so there is PLENTY of room underneath for storage!

While in res’ I was not only “lodging” with other teacher candidates (TCs). There are PhD’s, Masters, Law, and even undergrad exchange students if there isn’t enough room in other res’ halls/houses. Most of the people I am still friends with were not from teachers college, but it all depends on who you have classes with, practicum with, eat with, etc.


I decided to buy a meal plan that allowed me to eat at the caf’ 5x a week. You can use this at any of the dinning halls on main campus, on campus restaurants, etc. I found this plan worked well for me. I typically used them at night, but would sometimes keep one for weekend brunch J

If you have food allergies email the dinning hall and let them know you would like to set up a meeting with a chef to discuss your dietary restrictions. I eat a very Paleo based diet due to multiple food allergies and intolerances. The head chef and other staff were all very helpful. When you scan your student card for your meal ask the person if they could get the chef for you. Everyone is very helpful and I made several wonderful friends I will keep for life. Even as I head off on my Mexican adventure, I think of the chef’s and staff and only have happy memories (your postcard will come shortly!).

The friends you make in residence may very well be friends for life, so treat everyone with respect and HAVE FUN!

View of the field from Phase 2


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