Montreal Botanical Garden

Today I took my gran off to the Montreal Botanical Gardens, with a detour to Premiere Moisson at the Atwater Market, as a surprise. We hopped on the bus and then the metro and got there in no time at all. It was a stunning day, not too hot and not cold. We bought ourselves some lunch at Premiere Moisson and ate once we found a bench in the shade once inside the gardens.

My recommendation is to go during the week when there are fewer people, and the best time to go if possible is before schools break up. For entrance I was able to use my student card and my gran got in as a pensioner. As a tip, book and buy your tickets online, print the receipt, and skip the line up when you get there. For the basic fee the gardens and insectarium is included, so make us of your purchase and check out the creepy crawlies (and some beautiful butterflies).

Although we took a little picnic, there are several areas you can sit down and buy lunch. After June 21 (2014), you can have tea in the Chinese Garden which would have been lovely! Also check the website for fun events and when the train runs (for services click here). Allow for enough time to walk the grounds, I still haven’t seen everything and I have been several times!

Here are a few pictures of our afternoon together.


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