DIY – Organizing The Dreaded Tupperware Cupboard

Each time I come home to my parents house, my mom presented me with a list of “To Do’s”. This trip is one of the last ones in a while before moving to Mexico, so you can imagine the list is long! My first project was organizing the dreaded tupperware cupboard. This is ALWAYS put on the list because people throw the lids and bottoms into the cupboard as soon as I leave. I had to come up with a better system – which I did.

At WalMart I bought a shoe organizer you hang over the door and some Command hooks. I love these hooks because you can put them up and take them down without leaving marks on the wall 🙂

This is what the cupboard looked like before…

First I pulled the piping off the first of the pair (there are hour spots for shoes in each row) so that I could put wider lids into it. Then I cut the fourth shoe spot off because it was too wide and cut the bottom off as only two rows fit length wise in the cupboard. Lastly, I cut the slits at the top to put over the hooks and wrote large and small on each pocket so my family knows where things go. Let’s hope it works!

Next project is the linen closet! Stay tuned!


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