Today I completed my Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. It has been a long time coming and I am both happy and sad that this day has come.

I was thrilled to have both my loving parents who got me through all the tough times. I remember calling them during my undergrad every time mid-terms and every finals rolled around crying and saying I wanted to drop out of school. THANKFULLY I made it through with their love and support. This year has been one of the most memorable, joyous, happy and meaningful times of my life to date and I am so thrilled I was given this opportunity.

This year my gran was able to make it to my graduation all the way from South Africa. I have been blessed to have her in my life and she too has given me much support and love through the years and I am deeply grateful she was able to be present at my graduation today. Her love and compassion for others is a true gift and I hope to emulate even a smig of that!

Before coming to Queen’s I hoped and prayed to meet people I could laugh with, cry with and commiserate with. My year at Queen’s has introduced me to friends from all corners of Canada and the world, teachers and mentors taught not only knowledge and wisdom, but taught us how to laugh when everything doesn’t go according to the lesson plan, and I have left with a new family of friends traveling abroad or staying local who I will all miss dearly! I now have life long friends and this is thanks to events, student council, classes and ultimately stepping outside my comfort zone and making a conscious effort to meet new people!

Thank you Queen’s and thank you to everyone who has made a truly beautiful imprint on my life story. Keep in touch and remember we are all one very large, unique family!


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