Base Coats & Summer Colours

As an aesthetician I often get asked questions about nail polish, make up, skin care, and sometimes even hair. For the record I only took aesthetics, not hairdressing, so I have no clue about the hair on your head.

This afternoon I am painting my nails a wonderful, bright neon pink colour. I really want summer to come! This colour is by Orly and it’s called Beach Cruiser. I love Orly’s base coat “Bonder“, nail polish rarely chips (unless I did some heavy work or dish scrubbing)! As the grey skies of Good Friday bring yawns to my families mouths, I am determined to fight the sleepy feeling and get energized with a good ol’ cuppa DAVID’s Happy Kombucha tea and bright neon pink nails! (Side note: Happy Kombucha has gluten-free wheat starch therefore I will not be drinking it again, wondered why such a wonderful tea was causing me tummy problems 😦 )

bonder/beach cruzer

Stay tuned because I am doing my research and will compile a list of this Summer’s Top 10 colourfor you by Monday. 


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