Last Push & Pre-Easter Q’s

With only a few more days of teacher college left it is beginning to drag on. Many of my assignments are completed and are waiting in a pile on my desk for their due dates. Several other assignments are in the works and the rest is now a waiting game. Many of us are ready to be done and move on into the great big world of teaching. I cannot wait for the summer sunshine, brightly polished nails, and starry night adventures.

Last weekend I was home to get my work visa for Mexico = success! The processes was pretty painless. Tip: make sure you ask for a receipt for claims!

Home for the long Easter weekend, glad to be home with my family again. Last year Easter fell at an awkward time and it was the first time I was not with my family. Was quiet sad! Guess I should get used to it because the world is my playground for the next few years – my many amazing friends and future friends will all become my family on these holidays spent abroad.

This Easter is both a happy and sad time. It is the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection, giving us all hope and life. Sad because a close family friends passes this weekend to go home to the Father. We are joyful for his long and full life, but sad he is no longer with us.

What is everyone else doing this weekend? How do you celebrate? What do you look forward to? What food are you longing for?

Keep the ones you love close this long weekend and stay posted for some delicious food shots from my many kitchen adventures!


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