Mexico and Updates

It has been quiet some time since I last wrote about my life and dealings as a teacher in training.

My kindergarten experience was great and I now believe I would teach the little ones over higher grades only because there is more content I would have to teach myself in the higher grades and I don’t feel especially comfortable with it. That would have to be professional development!

A lot has happened since I last wrote in regards to my move to Mexico. My ticket and hotel are booked 4 days before we have to be there. Two other girls and myself decided it would be fun to go earlier and explore, also possibly set up our cell phones and get a good feel of where the stores are ๐Ÿ™‚ Will update you all on that process!

I am going on Monday to the Montreal Mexican Consulate to get my work visa. Everything seemed to be coming together – and then I learned more about having my birth certificate legalized … I am from South Africa and therefore my birth certificate is from there. I found out I have an abridged birth certificate and need an unabridged one in order for it to be authenticated, sealed and used to create a certificate of apostille for Mexico. Oh and did I mention, it can take 6 months! I only have 3 months until I leave for Mexico, so I freaked out and emailed HR at the school… they are amazing there! The lady I deal with told me to not worry, everything will work out, and to just send them a copy of my abridged for now until I get the unabridged. Phew!!!

More updates: finished my alternative practicum and we go back to regular classes today. I am excited we have 24 days left, but I am tired of school work and assignments. I need a vacation! On the plus side, Spring has finally sprung and I went for a run to the gym today ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy your day and check back soon!


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