Electronics and Snow

This month has been a month of heaping mountains of snow and electronics that don’t like me, and many early mornings.

First it was my cellphone battery, then last Wednesday my laptop (that I have only had about a year) went blank. I had to get a brand new hard drive (thankfully Apple Care covers these things, I will never buy an Apple product without it!).

2014-02-24 06.56.59 The weather last Sunday was lovely, then Monday morning snow flew out of the sky and covered everything in yet another layer of cold, white fluff. I cannot wait for this winter to be over, I am tired and sluggish!

On a happier note, I bought Practical Paleo by DianeĀ Sanfilippo and It Stars With Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. I also watched 3 documentaries: Food Inc., Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and Hungry for Change. It has made me change my mind and renew my vow to eat clean, whole foods. When I did groceries yesterday I thought about each thing I purchased. As consumers it is by our purchases that we vote in grocery stores, and now I feel less powerless. I would love to be able to buy more free, straight from the farm foods, but it is a little hard when we have weather like we do in Canada.

Last week teaching with the Kinders, technically only 3.5 days because Friday is a PA day and we have a half day because of our meetings on Wednesdays. I will be sad to leave them, but am excited to be working with the district ESL teacher for 3 weeks.


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