Lesson Planning & Coffee

What a lovely day, hopefully Spring is finally on the way and this very long, drawn out winter can come to an end!

I am sitting at a little coffee shop in Kingston taking in the sites and smells, delicious pastries I cannot eat tempt me in the display case. Mostly satisfied with my latte with almond milk, I am planning for my third week in Kindergarten. Coffeeco Kingston - Planning

I remember saying I would never be a Kindergarten teacher, now I am tempted to change my mind. It is a lot more entertaining, creative, and fun… the only down part are the constant mediation and reconciliation sessions we have to have with young students unable to understand reason. To a 5 and 6 year old hitting someone or throwing a block is a perfectly reasonable response in any situation.

We have been discussion living and non-living things. This detoured into “But Miss, how do plants breathe? They grow and eat, but I have never seen or heard them breathe!”

Blue Celery

We spent one and a half days talking briefly about photosynthesis and did a mini experiment with blue food colouring, water, and celery. It went well besides their lack of depth perception and several spills. After a few clean-ups, we removed the experiment while they finished their observations. Kinder’s are not the best with describing words, which happens to be something the Grade 6 students I was with for 6 weeks also had a hard time doing. Potential thesis question or poor teaching/learning further down the line?

I will try to post next week’s adventures, I am sure there will be many!



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